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Although many of the works listed here were consulted in writing the biography of Mathew Carey on this site, this bibliography was compiled as a general reference and includes works cited by other authors as useful in the study of Mathew Carey.

Bradsher, Earl L. Mathew Carey, Editor, Author and Publisher: A Study in American Literary
Development. New York: Columbia University Press, 1912.

This text is cited frequently. It covers many aspects of Carey’s life, and explores issues related to Carey’s publishing, including book distribution, competition with English imports, Carey’s nationalism and his role in promoting American literature and American authors, the reprint trade and copyright issues.
Carey, Mathew. Autobiography. Brooklyn: Research Classics, 1942.

Carey originally published his Autobiography in a series of letters to The New-England Magazine, (July 1833-December 1834, V. 404, 489; VI. 60, 93, 227, 306, 400; VII. 61, 145, 239, 320, 401, 481.) In 1835 The New England Magazine discontinued the series. In 1837 a small edition of these letters plus three additional letters was published. This is the basic text for biographical information on Carey. The Research Classics edition also contains a review of Carey’s Autobiography, by Edgar Alan Poe, which appeared in The Southern Literary Messenger, II no. 3 (1836): 203-204.

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